الاثنين، 29 ديسمبر 2008

Letters To Sun's Bright Side

How beautiful it was .. when i was a baby .. knows nothing except joy
How beautiful it is .. when i became a big boy .. knows many things except joy
.. What life trying to say

That was almost me .. until 2008 .. the turning point of my last 20 years...

I guess almost all have or had some points or stages or times in their lives or whatever u call .. those moments of change , mostly mind changing , well .. mind changing , cus it has the greatest effect on any person's life . For example, we do know that if someone wanna control the whole world.. there's 1 powerful way only to do that .. it's ' mind control ' . So , rationally .. let's say if u know how to control ur mind , u'll be able to control ur whole life atleast! .. o

In other words.. that's what i've finally found in the silver year ^2008^ ( how to control my life ) " mind " .. actually i feel last couple years were like so many years have shortened together tightly in 2 years! , cus through last 2 years i've seen , felt & experienced many things i couldn't imagine in my past past that i might see such things in my whole existence .. those things have put my life up & down .. up & down! on a thin line of Hope , Unfortunately

Ironicaly .. somehow some way i feel thankful for all the heavy mess i had in my mind for that while.. cus from this moment on i know simply how to deal with it.. if it'll hit my door again in near or far future.. it's kinda like u know the taste of ur meal before u cook! , cus i found its secret

Among all the unhappy words that i describe 2008 with , i can say at its conclusion that it was a very good year to me ... i've seen the best of it , i've fought the best of it & i've beaten the best of it

ummm ^^ it's cool to feel Victorious at the end of something or in the end of a year! , yeah? lol

wish the Earth & its creatures a better 2009